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The Swiss market

A great number of businesses take advantage of this small market. Switzerland has a wealthy population, which is suitable to launch a new product or to test the impact of a new trademark. Switzerland’s high political and economic stability makes it a privileged place for international investments and the development of new businesses. A moderate fiscal system and a liberal legislation is an ideal basis for economic development. With more than a dozen universities of recognized prestige, international airports and a modern infrastructure, Switzerland represents a big commercial attraction. The seriousness and professionalism of its companies, institutions and professionals has formed the image that this country enjoys today. We would go so far to say that "Switzerland" itself has become a trademark that inspires confidence.

Trademarks in Switzerland

Thanks to its strategic location in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is one of the key markets when it comes to position a trademark on the international market. It is not an accident that WIPO’s headquarters were established in the Swiss city of Geneva. Thanks to the high density of multinational businesses and to its numerous small and medium-sized businesses, Switzerland is, in spite of its small dimension and its relatively small number of inhabitants, an important market on an international scale.