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Description of our Law Firm

The law firm Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS was founded in 2003 by three young professional attorneys-at-law. Today, it has a large number of professionals located in its five offices in the cantons of Basel, Zurich, Argovia, Zoug, and Berne.

TRIAS’ employees work in all fields of the Swiss law and their team is composed of professionals of different nationalities and of more than a dozen different native speakers (German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Albanian, Russian, Kurdish, Serbian, and Croatian).

International Department

Thanks to its employees’ great variety and good command of languages and especially to their qualifications and international experience, TRIAS offers a range of specialized and worldwide services. TRIAS is in a position to provide services that make communication easier for our clients.

Trademark Department

TRIAS’ Trademark Department is directed under the responsibility of Daniel Ordás, lawyer, licentiated in the canton of Basel and a member of the Association of European Lawyers and President of the AEAE-USUS. Along with their legal advisers who are specialized in trademark law they offer integral consultation services in the area of intellectual property.